Hi there! 

I´m a Visual Development Artist currently working at Cinesite, Montreal.

I have experience art directing small-medium teams in the design process of characters and worlds, monitoring their progress through modelling, texturing and lighting in a range of 2D and 3D productions. Also, I’m a globetrotter, having worked in Spain, Ireland, Finland, Singapore and Canada. I’m happy to relocate and adapt to any lifestyle and studio need: I can art direct or to be art directed. 

I hope you enjoy my portfolio and it would be great to work together in the future.

Many thanks!

Cinesite / Canada.
Visual Development Artist (contract).
Riverdance (Animated Feature Film). 
The Addams Family (Animated Feature Film).
August 2017-Present.

Concept Artist (freelance).
Stunt Animals, Kon (Animated TV Show pitches).
July 2017.

One Animation / Singapore.
Art Director (contract).
The Oddbods Show, season two (60 x 7min episodes Animated TV Show) 
2017 Emmy Award Nominee.
Hard Boiled (Animated TV Show pilot).
June 2016 - June 2017.
One Animation / Singapore.
Lead Concept Artist (contract).
The Oddbods show, season one (60 x 7min episodes Animated TV Show)
Insectibles (52 x 11min episodes Animated TV show).
May 2015 - June 2016.
Concept Artist (freelance).
Charmin (Animated TV Spot).
 April 2015.
Concept Artist (freelance).
TriNa (Animated TV Spot).
March - April 2015.
Character Designer (freelance).
Leonardo and the King (Animated Feature Movie pitch).
February - March 2015.

Trimono / Spain.
Color Key Artist (freelance).
Amor de Mono (Animated Short Film).
 December 2014.
 Rovio Entertainment / Finland.
Lead Character Designer (contract).
Angry Birds Toons, season two (26 x 3min episodes Animated TV Show)
Angry Birds-Transformers (Video Game).
April 2014 - December 2014.
One Animation / Singapore.
Concept Artist (contract).
Oddbods, Insectibles (Early preproduction for Animated TV Shows).
May 2012 - March 2014.

Concept Artist (freelance).
Space Girl (Animated Feature Movie pitch).
April 2013.

Character Designer (freelance).
 Red Panda (Animated TV Spot pitch).
January 2012.

Neufundland / Germany.
Illustrator (freelance).
Art collective self-published book.
January 2012.

Cartoon Saloon / Ireland.
Background Color Artist (contract).
The Aquabats Super Show (Animated TV Show).
November 2011 - January 2012.
Concept Artist (freelance).
 My Family and the Wolf (Animated Feature Movie pitch).
September 2011.
Concept Artist (contract).
 Khuda-Yana (Animated TV Show).
 January 2011 - November 2011.
Background Color Artist (contract).
 Hollywood Monsters 2: The Next BigThing. 
Video Game Winner of 2011 Desarrollador_Es Award (Best Artwork).
Runaway: A Twist of Fate
Video Game Winner of 2010 Gamelab Award and 2010 Desarrolador_Es Award (Best Artwork). 
 September 2007 - January 2011.
Brown Bag Films / Ireland.
Character Designer (freelance).
Peter Rabbit (Animated TV Show pitch).
 August 2010.

Levalo Studio / Spain.
Color Artist (contract).
Preproduction story board for Zanshin, a Kanzaman Productions film pitch. Line Art by Christian S.
Illustrations for Training and Development Digest, El Corte Inglés, Aventis Pharma, Psicosoft and Bone Studio. Line Art by Christian S.
Comic book about Spanish Independence Day, for the exhibition Un Pueblo, Una Nación at the Canal Isabel II Foundation. Story and Line Art by Christian S.
Comic book Deux Epées, published by Soleil Productions, Story and Line Art by Kenny Ruiz and Mazi.
Comic book El Tesoro del Krakán, published by Anroat Ediciones, Story and Line Art by Alberto Hernández.
Sports Comic books about the Spanish soccer teams Atlético de Madrid Atleeeti!!!, Real Betis Balompié Musho Betis, Sevilla FC Ole mi Sevilla and the basketball national team Big in Japan, published by U1st Sports/Almuzara. Story by L. F. Campuzano, Line Art by Christian S, Pepe Larraz, Enrique Lorenzo, Dani Seijas, Paulo Alfaya, Saeta, David Hueso and Deme.
Anthology comic book Diez Dedos published by Dibbuks. Stories by Nacho de Ramón.
Comic bookTroya, published by Recerca Editorial, Story by Nacho de Ramón and Line Art by Christian S.
  2004 - 2009.

Dibujando por el mundo, mandadme jamón.
Drawing around the world, send me ham,
At ESDIP (High School of Professional Drawing).
Madrid, Spain, 7th of May 2015.


 Bachelor in Fine Arts at the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain.
September 2001 - May 2006.


 English (fluent), Spanish (native).


Team Leadership, Art Direction, Character Design, Environment Design, Color Art.

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