David Hueso / Alfonso Salazar / Christian Suarez
In a heavily industrialized and military world, a factory worker, Alex, gets suddenly sick. Soon his fever brings him visions of strange folk talking to him. And somehow, they seem familiar...he's seen them before. After he recovers and finds out that more people are having the same symptoms and dreams, he starts investigating. There is a strange disease that allows people to momentarily visit a parallel world, where their childhood´s fantasies have evolved into a complex fantastical society. The doctors call this place Pirexia, and they realize people can drag objects from there while they heal. These objects are addictive and get you in the same feverish state you need in order to cross the border between both worlds. This sparks a black market of Pirexia tickets. Like many others, Alex gets addicted to these objects. trying to stay as long as possible in Pirexia, where he falls in love. But it has a cost and his health and body start failing. Everything changes when the army finds out what´s going on and arranges an invasion to dig out the resources from this oneiric realm. Alex will have to force his health to the limit in order to save his love and friends on the other side, and then let go and never see them again.
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