The Wild West, where cowboys, fortune seekers, and outlaws roam. No longer do they dig in the mountains or pan the rivers for gold. Now, they lust after an iridescent oil called Mana. This is a living substance that can be forged into anything - jewelry, tools, weapons, ammunition - all you need is a blacksmith. And that's not even the best part. You see, if the carrier has a strong enough will, the Mana obeys them and adds a little magical something extra - you want spectacles that can see a person's future? No problem. How about bullets that bring you back from the dead? You got it. Of course, all these items are rare, strictly forbidden, and are constantly being pursued by the forces of law and order. But like everything that's forbidden, there are ways and means to get 'em. Unsurprisingly, folks have become obsessed with finding the source - some fountain or spring from which this Mana flows. What they don't know is that this oil has been dripping from a wound in The Heart of the Desert, Where the Spirits live. These beings maintain the balance between life and death. Their power and existence depend on the Mana, which is being sucked up by men.
This is the story of how an outlaw family becomes key to restoring the balance of reality itself, right after robbing a Mana bank. 
Now it's not just the sheriff who's after them. It's the Gods themselves.
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