Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar fall in love with Estrella, a beautiful and mysterious young lady who happens not to be human but a Millennium young shooting star. She is hiding on Earth from her parents, and she only has a way to keep the spell that makes her look human: to be loved by the king. Melchior is the king. Caspar is the king. Balthazar is the king. The three men are kings of the same kingdom at different times of their lives. So the childhood, adulthood, and elderhood of these three men interlace in a flash-forward-and-backward narrative that spins around this deceptive creature who never gets older. A girl who won´t allow the king to stop loving her.....or she will find a new puppet king. The thing is... once the king gives his heart to the shooting star, he won´t be able to love anyone else again. Not even his mom. Completely defeated, the three men will only be able to save their souls with the help of the three true protagonists of this tale: their moms. Yes, three old ladies are about to kick a shooting star's butt. 
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